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Here is what clients have said about Sheryl:

Sheryl has helped me to achieve my fitness goals and continues to support me in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She knows what works for my body and constantly provides new challenges to keep me engaged and interested in the activity at hand. Before I started working out with Sheryl, I did not exercise regularly; now, I exercise regularly on my own as well as with Sheryl. She has transformed my life!” --female, age 26

"I feel fantastic! I have so much energy flowing, my finacee could even tell when I hugged him hello.  I just wanted to say how much the work you did with me worked!" --female, age 32

I am always impressed with the manner in which Sheryl listens to my description of aches on a particular day, and then how she modifies the days program to fix or alleviate them.” –male, age 59

Sheryl is fantastic! She taught my son to ride a bike in only a few sessions. She has worked on so many skills with my son and he loves working with Sheryl. She makes the sessions rewarding and fun. She is a very special and gifted person. Once in a while someone comes into your life who makes such a difference, you feel truly blessed to have found her. Sheryl is that person for my son. He is making amazing progress in so many areas, not just in physical ability, but also in self-confidence.” –mother of boy, age 8

Sheryl listens to your thoughts and concerns while incorporating exercises and routines in your workouts that will alleviate these daily pressures.” --female, age 34

I never stretched. Now, for the first time in my life, I can touch my toes and actually like to stretch.” --male, age 48

My experience with Generations Fitness has been nearly perfect in every way—Honestly, I hate exercising, but going to see Sheryl every week is a real pleasure and it has certainly gotten me going! I am continually impressed with the vast knowledge she has about the physiology of exercise. It definitely reassures me (an aging exerciser) that she’s keeping a special eye on all my physical idiosyncrasies!” –female, age 59

Sheryl has made me much more conscious of my wellness. As a 71 year old person, I feel that I’ve gained already 10 years on my life and everybody says how much better I look. Everything is working better because it’s a holistic approach.” – female, age 71

"Thanks to Sheryl's vision and direction, I no longer dread my training, but enjoy a renewed perspective and plan for building strength. I was delighted with what Sheryl had created for my exercise program and immediately adopted her plan. With the respect and encouragement she has shown me, I have been able to reach greater fitness than ever before." -- female,  age 31

"Sheryl is a wonderfully insightful, caring teacher. She will always go 'the extra mile' to insure that students learn the skills she is teaching and coaching. She is able to tailor her classes to teach students who are at different levels." --female, age 50

"Sheryl builds on every session to ensure that I am meeting my goal. Sheryl makes sure that I am performing my basic moves and always seems to introduce one or two new ones to keep me interested...I feel very 'up' and motivated when I leave a session and it keeps me going for a few weeks. I would recommend Generations Fitness to anyone who is serious about improving his/her general health and fitness."-- female, age 64

"I'm understanding the exercises more and what they are accomplishing... I see a lot of progress with regard to increased strength and flexibility with even once a week! I honestly think it's fun. I never dread going and love how I feel when I leave the gym. I also like learning the different things to do to target different muscles." female, age 30

"The focus on strengthening my core and other areas related to my back has really made a significant difference for me...We always work on what is most important for me and I am always impressed that Sheryl targets the sessions toward the individual...I enjoy the extraordinary breadth of knowledge Sheryl has and the personal touch of the sessions." --female, age 47

I now feel committed forever to making core work the centerpiece of my exercise regimen. Thanks to Sheryl for introducing me to Pilates and giving me the guidance to make this possible.” –male, 58

"Vida's training sessions exceeded our expectations. The expertise was evident upon first meeting. At that point I knew my daughter was in the hands of a professional, sensitive to the strengths and weaknesses of my daughter. I expected to meet someone who was 'all business.' We met someone with high energy, knowledge, heart, warmth and a genuine passion for fitness. Vida is much stronger and, as a result, her skating is stronger. I also find comfort knowing Vida can open up to Sheryl whenever she feels the need. Trust is important. " -- mother of 11 year old girl

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