Strength Training - Pilates - Yoga
Generations Fitness is a holistic fitness consulting company whose purpose is to help people improve their quality of life through better health. We incorporate mind-body techniques into traditional strength and cardiovascular training, with the ultimate goal of creating independent exercisers, able to progress toward fitness goals, with or without a trainer by their side.We also specialize in private Pilates and yoga instruction.

The Generations training philosophy is comprised of these guiding principles:

* Educate about the anatomy and physiology behind prescribed movements

* Use Pilates, yoga and other mind-body techniques to integrate breathing, awareness, focus and relaxation into the more traditional forms of strength and aerobic training

* Use a wide array of tools including free weights, functional training equipment, yoga props, Pilates apparatus, myofascial release and energy medicine techniques

* Individualize each program and session to streamline progress toward specific wellness goals

* Consult with physical therapists, doctors, nutritionists and other health professionals when appropriate.

* Generations Fitness is an organization in which everyone:
     Regularly gives forth his/her best effort.
     Is motivated to learn and attempt new challenges.
     Has the opportunity to develop in areas where s/he has weaknesses.
     Joins together to accomplish shared goals.
     Values and respects differences. 


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